We manufacture your designs and pieces in any type of plastic
Waam Methacrylate


Waam S.L. is a specialised and solid company born in 1970 as Waam Artesanías. It was founded by César Amado who previously worked in the plastics manufacture industry. Bringing together the knowledge of the raw materials with creativity and great motivation, it began its path with the design of methacrylate frames in various colours and precious methacrylate furniture. Since that moment, are numerous the sectors in which Waam has experience and for whom it works. Its specialisation, dedication and personal approach make the company continuously advance and thrive.


  • Business area specialised in the manipulation and mechanisation of all type of plastics, that is, in the manufacture of multiple pieces and designs under order and specialised in capturing our clients’ ideas through the use of diverse plastics as raw material.
  • Having in mind the client needs we advise in the type of plastic and its thickness considering the plastic properties and working with a great variety of plastic materials.
  • We take from your particular idea or design to big series.
  • Finishing touch and assembly through the glue system and bending, making of blind drills, countersink drills, edge polish, placing of locks and hinges.
  • M&M: Metallised Methacrylate. Putting together both business areas we offer you unique pieces, transparent or coloured methacrylate pieces with mirror effect. For lighting, decoration, publicity, anything you might need; we apply a layer of aluminium metallisation to the methacrylate pieces. If you need lighter and more resistant mirrors, this is your choice.
  • If the client requires it, we offer serigraphy, vinyl or digital impression services.
  • Labelling and packaging.

Plastic Materials

  • Methacrylate: PMMA Polymethylmethacrylate (aka acrylic, plexiglass). The complete range of colours and tonalities: bright, matte, fluorescent. Ask us.
  • Policarbonate: PC more resistant than methacrylate it is use for instance to manufacture furniture like chairs. Range of colours: transparent, grey and smoke.
  • PVC: Polyvinyl chloride.
  • PVC foamed
  • Polystyrene: PS
  • PET: Polyethylene terephthalate.
  • PETG: PET Modified with CHDM (Cyclohexanedimethanol).
  • Dibond: is a composite relatively light with high degree of rigidity. Formed by a central layer of polyethylene and two 0.3mm aluminium laminas as cover.
  • Alucobond: is a composite formed by two exterior aluminium laminas and a core of polyethylene. Panel characterised by plane surfaces of great precision and by the possibilities of its large dimensions.
  • Others: ask us


  • Manipulation through: manual saw, polisher, bevel machine, making of blind screws or countersink screws and bending machines.
  • Mecanisation through: laser cutting machine of 2500mm x 1500mm, numeric control machine and mechanic polisher.
  • Glue system that guarantees a shiny finishing touch.


The possibilities of our services and of our plastic materials are extensive. We highlight the following:

  • Game and Leisure: methacrylate frontals and parts for slot/gaming machines, top spots, lights, separating pieces or marks, etc. Tactile music tables and tools.
  • Scientific and Lab utensils and tools.
  • Security Equipment.
  • Automotive components.
  • Signal posting.
  • Museums and Art: expositors, display cabinets, frames, stands, design collaborations with artists and sculptors. See here our collaboration with the sculptor Nei Alberti.
  • Exhibitions and Fairs: expositors, display cabinets, logos, signs and indications. See here our collaboration with Foundation Catalunya – La Pedrera.
  • Retail and Publicity: signs, logos, classifying and organising items, price cases, display cabinets, separating pieces, diverse items for selling.
  • Decoration and Furniture: tables, chairs, sofas, bookcases or CD cases, steps/stairs, photo frames, etc. See our house catalogue – 80s designs.


We work with all types of plastics.
Methacrylate of all colours and tonalities.
We take from your particular idea or design to big series.
Pieces of small and big dimensions.
Custom made work and by order.
Laser Cutting and numeric control.
Bending and glue system.
M&M: Metallised Methacrylate: unique pieces in transparent or coloured methacrylate with mirror effect.

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Methacrylate Projects

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Colaboration with Croquis S.A. for Hospital de la Santa Creu i San Pau

Photography: Robert Ramos Exposition project: Ignasi Cristià Production: Croquis, S.A. Photographic originals of the dragon: Aleix Bagué Trias de...




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